Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Halloween: H33 on Vimeo

The short film I wrote and directed for FrightFest 2011 is now up on Vimeo, in glorious HD! It's called Halloween: H33, and basically it's a spoof trailer for a terrible sequel to the original Halloween.

There will, at some point, be a big blog post about the process of making the short, as I learned a lot from it. I need to do one for Girl Number 9 too. But for now, enjoy the splattery silliness of H33. Some of the cast and crew are listed on the IMDB, we're slowly adding everyone but the IMDB doesn't always accept them.

Big thanks to the lovely Mr Dan Turner for re-compressing the file for me, as my lack of codec skills kept making everything go orange. Not just the file - I literally turned the whole universe orange. Don't worry, it's fixed now. Except for oranges, they're stuck that way.