Monday, January 23, 2012

Open all hours

I started updating the page where you can buy stuff I've written, but it was such a gigantic arse-fiddle, I threw it out and created a mini Amazon store instead. It means I can quickly and easily update it when new stuff comes out, and don't have to rely on my clunky HTML.

So there's now a new link in the top menu, called "Buy my stuff". The mini Amazon store is on that page, and contains everything I've written that is available to buy in the UK. Underneath that are two Region 1 links, because I didn't want to set up a separate store for US stuff, and I don't think I can, anyway. If you choose to buy anything from it, then I get a small referral tip, which will eventually maybe earn me enough to buy a KitKat. I know! Free KitKat! One day, anyway.

Obviously you don't have to buy anything through this blog, I just like having everything organised and in one place. And yes, it's a bit of an ego boost to see all my work displayed like that - writers are an insecure bunch, desperate to be loved.

By the way, schoolkids are only allowed into the shop in groups of two. And no reading! This isn't a library!