Monday, February 20, 2012

Hardware clearout

Right, I have a few things to sell that I'm not using anymore, and can't face going on eBay for several hours, so I'm doing it on Twitter and here, if anyone's interested. I can't send any of them through the post, as they'd either get mashed to bits, or I'd get stitched up for postal fees, so you MUST be able to collect from London - I'll bring them anywhere in London within reason! If anyone does want to buy any of these, I can take payment via Paypal, or cash in person when delivering. The items:

My first Apple Mac, an old iBook G4 - white, 12.1 inch screen, 1.2GHz PowerPC G4, 512MB DDR SDRAM, 30GB hard drive (just under 12GB taken up by the operating system), with OS X Panther 10.3.9 installed. I wrote the last drafts of Severance on it, as well as my first Torchwood episode (Sleeper), my Doctor Who episode (The Fires of Pompeii), and my Spooks: Code 9 episode. None of those are included, I mention it partly because you might be interested, and partly so that you know it served me reliably and well. Full specs here:  

Note that it's a PowerPC model, so it's pre-Intel, and quite old now. It still works fine, with no problems or damage, apart from some understandable scuffing from being used every day, and the ink has worn away on the C, N, M, and L keys (did a loooot of typing on this keyboard!) But is has been VERY well looked after, and is in great condition - it has been protected by a grey Tucano Second Skin slipcase, which is included. The battery still works, but is also quite old, so doesn't last as long as new ones (about 2 hours, but you can get replacements on eBay for 15 quid). Comes with power cable, but again, no disks or other bits. Bizarrely, these iBooks still go for up to £250 on eBay, but I'll accept a reasonable offer, considering what it was used to create.

Next up, is an older PowerBook G4, 15 inch, silver, 1.5GHz with 512MB RAM, 80GB hard drive, and a SuperDrive. Full specs here: 

BUT, it had a spectacular hard drive crash a few years ago, and won't boot, even in target disk mode. The lower third of the screen is damaged inside too, and the SuperDrive was on its way out before the machine died. However, everything else seems to still work - but I can't tell, as it won't boot. So if you need some parts for your PowerBook, this could be handy. Just in case you missed all that: this does NOT work or even boot. It'll turn on, make a horrible grinding noise, the screen will go blue, but nothing else. It's just for parts - and there's no power cable. I'll be removing the hard drive before delivery, just in case, as I wasn't able to wipe it before it crashed. I'll take what I can get for it.

Lexmark Z1420 printer, with separate black and colour ink cartridges (inside machine, with one spare colour cartridge included) - full specs here:
It cost around £50 new, usually goes for about £20 used on eBay.

Canon CanoScan LiDE 100 scanner - full specs here: 
It cost around £75 new, usually goes for about £50 used on eBay.

Update! Macbook has been sold.
First up, is a 13.3 inch white Apple MacBook, 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM, 120GB hard drive, working SuperDrive CD/DVD-RW, with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 installed. Full specs here:

It was my previous laptop, I wrote some Children of Earth on it, as well as Primeval, Spooks, Crusoe, Girl Number 9, Cockneys Vs Zombies, Tower Block, and many more (note: they are not included, this is just in case it's of interest, and also to show that it has been used safely). It still works very nicely, apart from some issues: the battery is dead, because it's been sitting unused for several weeks, and I didn't realise you have to remove it at 50% and store it somewhere. So you'll need a new battery for it. The latest software update occasionally drops the screen brightness to zero for no reason - you have to wait a few seconds, dim it all the way down, then back up again. See other people with the same issue here: -it's a minor thing, doesn't happen a lot, but can be annoying when it does. The other thing is some minor case damage - it's the model just before the unibodies came out, so it's got two chips on the edge of the top casing - there are photos here so you can see for yourself. Apart from that, it's all working fine. I don't know where the disks or accessories are, but it comes with its own power cable, so you'll have to make do! Used ones in decent condition go for around £340 on eBay, it was £899 new, so I'll listen to reasonable offers considering you'll need to get your own battery.

Update! Camcorder is now sold.
Finally, for now, is a Sony MiniDV camcorder, DCR-HC18E. It comes with a battery, the charger, a DV to FireWire 400 cable, and an extra Sony wide conversion lens which can be attached (VCL-0625 S) for wide angle shots. It takes MiniDV tapes (none included), and is a nifty little device. Full specs here: 

They usually go on eBay for around £50, the lens usually goes for up to £20, so I'm open to offers for them both - only selling them together, unless someone desperately wants one or the other.

If you have any questions, or want to buy one or more things, the email is jamesmoranspork at gmail dot com, or leave a comment and I'll answer it there. Serious inquiries only, please, I'm doing it on here to save time, after all. Cheers!

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