Saturday, February 18, 2012

Severance on BBC iPlayer again

Severance is on the iPlayer for a week - they showed it again last night on BBC One, so you get it free for another 7 days.

This time, I did a live tweet-along commentary, on the Twitter - well, I did until 20 minutes before the end, when I went over my tweet rate limit, and got sent to Twitter jail for a few hours. It's very annoying when that happens, I understand why it does, to prevent bots and spammers going wild etc, but there must be another solution.

Someone suggested doing a live Google+ hangout next time, so I could do an actual talky commentary, which is a great idea. Then again, doing it on Twitter means I don't have to get dressed and look respectable. But I think next time something of mine is on, I'll do that. Maybe not Severance, as 90 minutes of talking could be a bit mad. But my Doctor Who, Torchwood and Primeval eps are regularly repeated, maybe I'll do the next one of those.

If you missed it, the tweets are all still there, so if anyone wants to compile them all into one place (with Storify or something), feel free. I'd do it myself but I'm knackered. It's still a victory, as Danny Dyer became a trending topic for a while again, and we all managed to get #Severance trending as a hashtag, which is marvellous.

Thanks for all the lovely comments, always great to see people enjoying the movie. 6 years old this year! Blimey. Feels like yesterday, but also a million years ago, in a weird way.