Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New outlook

Ever since we moved to this house back in December 2007 (link goes to blog post about our 27 hour packing and moving madness), I've had a nice desk and chair in the spare room, against the wall like this:

I liked having it there, as I could look up at my framed Severance poster to feel (a) inspired and (b) lazy for not having made more movies. But there's a really nice view out of the window to the right. I like looking out of that window. Unfortunately, looking out that window meant not looking anywhere near my laptop screen. Jo frequently suggested that I just move my desk to the window, but I didn't want to, as I thought the cables wouldn't stretch that far, it'd block the window, and the Kraken would rise up from the ocean and kill us all. Most of this was, of course, silliness. Apart from the Kraken. That's going to happen sooner or later.

So the other day, thanks to Jo making it happen when I was away and unable to panic, the spare room got rearranged, and now my desk is by the window, like this:

She did it all herself, moving other massive pieces of furniture around, in a Herculean effort that actually prevented the mighty Kraken from rising up. The Kraken was *scared*.

The cables stretch just fine. The window is not blocked. And all is well.

A closer look at my view now:

The blossoms are just starting to appear on the trees, and soon there'll be even more. I've blurred the screen because I just realised there are SECRET MEGAPLANS on there. The Severance poster is still on the other wall, and everything looks very lovely:

Lately, I've been doing too much work on the sofa downstairs, which is comfy at first, but no good for my posture when doing long stretches of scripting. Now, I can't wait to get to my desk, and keep working. Spring is here, and it feels like I've got a brand new office, it's energising and exciting.

Obviously, to you it's just an item of furniture that got moved a few feet. But to me, it's my workplace, my Captain's chair, my battle bridge, my gun turret. Anything that makes me want to get back to work is a very good thing.

Writers, or anyone who works from home, I recommend giving your own workplace a shakeup. It might not change anything. But it might make a huge difference.