Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Studio Five Workshop

Workshop news!

In June, I'll be doing a one day workshop with Mr Dan Turner, my Girl Number 9 co-conspirator, and director of Stormhouse and new thriller The Man Inside. And yes, you can come along. In fact, you'll have to, there's not really much point us telling each other stuff we already know. It's for you! Yes, you! Except you, at the back. I told you, no chewing gum.

The workshop is about coming up with workable ideas, developing them into full length scripts, pitching, getting your work out there into the industry, and getting yourself out there too. We'll all be actually developing stuff in the room, even pitching. It is NOT a "how to write" course. You should already know how to write. If not, start writing, and write lots of things until you get better at it. See my FAQ.

So it's not aimed at people who have never written, or who have just started their first script. You don't have to have had anything made, but you should have at least written several scripts, so we can try to help you get to the next stage. Also, it's not purely a writing workshop, as I said above. Later workshops will cover filmmaking in more detail, dealing with notes, directing, working with actors, reworking scripts to cope with production changes, and so on. But that will come later.

We've only got one workshop planned right now, to see how it goes and find out how much demand there is for more. The idea is to give people techniques and tools that we wish we'd had when we first started out. So please, let us know if there are things you'd like to see in future workshops, or even this one if we can cram another session in. Contact details are on the site.

If you fancy it, please register your interest on the site if you want to be at the first workshop - we'll be taking the payments later, and will let you know when/how to pay. Why that way? Because numbers are limited (20 or so, depending on the room we use), and if 100 people paid upfront, we'd have to refund loads of you and faff around. This way, we can see who registered first and let them in before the cut off point. So register fast! And let us know what stage you're at, how much you have written, and so on.

It'll be at Elstree Studios on June 8th, 10am-6pm, and will cost £40, which includes lunch. Yes, I know, another London-centric event, but we're both based in London, and have a good relationship with the lovely Elstree people, so it makes sense to do the first one there. Future workshops will be there too, but we're planning some others around the country, to make it easier for non-Londonites to join in. Let us know if you're interested in those, and roughly where you are, and we'll be able to see which areas we should cover.

Me and Dan will do the first workshop, but we're planning some guest speakers for future events, depending on the content. There are more details and things on the website, so go there, have a look, and see if it's up your alley.

Hope to see some of you there!