Monday, April 02, 2012

Three brief news items

Three brief items of news for your eyeballs and/or earholes:

Cockneys Vs Zombies is featured in the new Empire magazine, on page 35 of the May 2012 issue. There are pics, news, quotes, and other fun things. We're next to Strippers Vs Werewolves on page 34, in a "movie vs movie" feature which is very fitting, really. There's also a lovely interview with Alan Ford and Dudley Sutton at the 2012 Empire Awards here. No information on release dates for this or Tower Block yet, hopefully soon - when I know, and am allowed to say, I'll let you all know. Update: Another brief interview with Ashley Thomas, Rasmus Hardiker, and Michelle Ryan is online here - it's a fun interview, although the headline and text make it sound like we're all ashamed of its ridiculousness and have been trying to pretend all along that it's a searing drama about miners. Spoiler: it's not. It's a fun, heartwarming, rollicking bag of mayhem. It's not "influenced" by Shaun of the Dead either, despite the article text saying that we "admitted" it, I was very careful to avoid any scenes or lines that might have been similar - there's a difference between respecting and recognising that Shaun is a trailblazing classing, and just copying. Hopefully it'll surprise people when they see the movie, a lot of love and passion went into it.

Those crazy madmen Danny Stack and Tim Clague recently kidnapped me at the Southern Script Festival, and forced me at gunpoint to talk about horror, genre, and writing in general on their podcast. The results are here, listen if you dare. Afterwards, I was so upset, I decapitated them and cavorted with their still bleeding heads. You can see for yourself at the link.

World's Collider, the shared world anthology in which I have a short story, has a new promo image, which you can see here in all its glory:

The website is here, just a placeholder for now, but more content will be coming soon. We have a publisher too, the spookily named Nightscape Press. There's also a Facebook page for more information.

And there you go! More news as it arrives. Or, more likely, several days after it arrives, when I remember to post it here.