Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cheap Rate Gravity, online now

Good news, everyone - my first ever produced piece of work, Cheap Rate Gravity, is online now! Welcome, to the woooooorld of tomorrowwwww!

Update: here's a link with no password, on my own Vimeo channel.

I won the Sci Fi Channel's Sci Fi Shorts competition, many many years ago (well, in 2002), and they made my winning script into a short film. The full story is here and here, if you don't already know it. I'm really glad it's online now, as not many people got a chance to see it, so here it is. Huge thanks to Jonathan Rawlinson for getting this online, and for getting in touch with me after I blogged about it before. Hope you enjoy it!

Update: Yes, "Stylish Napkins" is a real book she's using. It's still for sale.

Update 2: Steve from Severance was partly inspired by Steve Sweeney, the Cockney salesman in the short. I was fascinated by the idea of him being in a horror movie, to see how he'd react.