Friday, June 29, 2012

Festival news

Two pieces of festival news today - Cockneys Vs Zombies and Tower Block will be screening at this year's Sitges film festival, AND both of them will also be at FrightFest! Here's a Screen International article about the FrightFest lineup.

Tower Block was already announced as the closing film for FrightFest, and now CvsZ will be the 2nd movie on the Thursday, so my stuff is pretty much topping and tailing it. I'm so, so excited, Severance was the opening movie there 6 years ago, and now I'm making up for lost time with two movies.

I've never been to Sitges, but have heard great things, so I'm hoping I can get along to that. I'll definitely be at FrightFest though, same as every year, so maybe I'll see you there. Cockneys is the 2nd film on the Thursday, and Tower Block is the closing film on Monday.

Both movies are mentioned in this great Den of Geek article about upcoming British movies - worth a read for all the other cool stuff that'll be coming out soon. Although if you go by some of the commenters, the British film industry is dead, and a "closed shop" if you're a "nobody" - well, I was a nobody, I wrote lots of stuff, got better at it, got myself an agent, wrote a film, sold it, and got it made. It's not a "closed shop", that's just an excuse. I'm proof of that! So stop worrying that "the system" is keeping you out, and focus on writing, re-writing, and improving your work. Moan online all you like, but remember that it won't actually get your stuff made...