Thursday, July 26, 2012

BAFTA separates award into comedy and drama

Well this is very good news indeed. A while ago, I wrote an article for Broadcast magazine complaining about the treatment of writers in the TV BAFTA awards - basically, writers are hidden in the non-televised Craft awards, and there's only one award for all genres of writing. Andrew Newman responded to it, and didn't really address many of my points properly - apparently, the televised awards are for shows, not individuals, despite the many, many awards for individual performers, for example - but he said the committee would "consider" splitting the writing award into two, for comedy and drama.

Thanks to the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, who have kept up the pressure and worked with BAFTA, this has now actually happened. Separate writing awards for comedy and drama, just like in the "proper", televised awards. This is a Very Good Thing, so well done to BAFTA and the WGGB for taking this step.

Obviously, in an ideal world, I'd like the writing awards to be in the main show, but since Andrew admitted that the televised show depends on "glamour and scale", that may not ever happen. But this is an important victory, hopefully just one of many.