Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tower Block poster revealed

The Tower Block poster has arrived! This is incredibly exciting for me - I've been dying for you to see it, and now it's finally out there. I absolutely love what they've come up with, it's so cool. Pretty blown away by the review quotes, too. The poster is here at Digital Spy, so go and give them some love.

Update: It's also here at Den of Geek, and here at Shock Till You Drop. And to counter the commenter who said it looked like The Raid, implying some sort of skullduggery - it's not, both movies are completely different, and were filmed at around the same time anyway. Movies don't happen within a couple of weeks! Written in 2008, sold in 2010, filmed in 2011, released in 2012. So there.

And because it's on several sites now, I guess the exclusive has ended, so I'm going to post it here as well. You may clicky-clicky for biggy-biggy: