Thursday, July 12, 2012

World's Collider now on sale

You can now purchase World's Collider, the shared-world anthology in which I have a short story. Here is part of the blurb:

Nightscape Press presents: World's Collider - a shared-world anthology. This unique "mosaic novel" features twenty-one tales of apocalyptic fiction that together form a continuous narrative. Featuring Steven Savile, Steve Lockley, James Moran, Trent Zelazny, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Kelly Hale, Aaron Rosenberg, Jonathan Green and many more.

I know! Look at those names! Proper writers, and somehow they let me in too! All the details you need are at the above link, and here are the direct links to the purchasing pages:

UK paperback here

US paperback here

UK Kindle version here

US Kindle version here

Paperback direct from the publisher here

So go get it!

If you do pick up a copy, PLEASE leave us a review on Amazon - this is going to live or die on word of mouth, so whatever you think about it, get talking. Honest reviews are all we ask, good or bad, as long as you've actually read the thing. Thank you! Love you! Byeeeee!