Wednesday, August 15, 2012

250k views for CvsZ trailer

As of right this second, the Cockneys Vs Zombies trailer has had over *quarter of a million* views. That's... huge. I'm really, really excited and proud, and a bit teary-eyed. I've even taken a screenshot, to preserve the moment:

It's also completely sold out at FrightFest (and Tower Block isn't far off), and the trailer is getting a great reaction, people really want to see it. Obviously I have no idea how that will translate into box office figures etc, it's still all up in the air - you never know if a film will do well, these days. But I'm very hopeful.

It's released on the 31st August in UK & Ireland cinemas. I'll post more details on screens etc when we have them, and will be begging you all to go and check it out. Low budget UK movies have to fight really hard in the crowded marketplace, so if you want to see it (and want to see more UK movies) please go and support it in the first weekend. And the next weekend, preferably...