Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cockneys Vs Zombies release

On Friday 31st August, Cockneys Vs Zombies is released in UK & Ireland cinemas. It's not a remake, or a sequel, or a spinoff, or a reboot, or based on a TV show! Go see it!

If it's not on at your local cinema, please ask them why, and tell them you want it. We'd love to have it in more screens, but can only take what the cinemas offer. Obviously, we can't compete with the likes of the Dark Knight Rises on screen numbers, but we are out there, so please do find us! Hopefully there'll be more cinemas soon, I'm not sure how it all works, but please go along and support us in our first weekend. And every other weekend...

As a low budget UK film, we'll live or die on word of mouth, so if you like the movie, please pass it on, and bring your friends. It's a very crowded marketplace out there, and increasingly difficult to get seen. Cinemas like to keep blockbusters on for yet another week, knowing they can still make money, rather than take a chance on a small UK film. Quality doesn't seem to matter, we've had great reviews, but it's a difficult climate at the moment. I'm hoping we can make our mark, I'm really proud of the movie, it's getting some lovely reviews, and hopefully you'll like it.

Also released is the Chas and Dave song from the movie, called "Head to Head (With the Undead)". It's bloody brilliant, and you can hear a preview here. It's available on the iTunes and the UK Amazon and the US Amazon and the Internets and the Other Places People Buy Songs From.

On 21st September, Tower Block will be released, and I hope you'll go and see that too. I'm similarly excited and happy about the reviews, and I think it's going to shock and scare people. But it's funny too, amongst the mayhem.

If you like UK genre movies, please support them, otherwise nobody will want to make more of them. Did you know that, like unpopular waxworks in Madame Tussaud's, they melt down writers and directors if nobody sees their movies?? Yeah. They do. Friend of mine had a flop last year, they melted him down. Part of him is now a chef in Dagenham, the rest is holding up a table in a Birmingham pub. Don't let them melt me down. Please. Go and see my movies. And bring everyone! Thank you.