Monday, August 13, 2012

Girl Number 9 back in the UK

Yes, to cut a long story short (full story at the website), Girl Number 9 is now back in the UK, free to watch online, and soon on DVD/Blu-ray.

It was an unusual project, in that it was the first UK web thriller series, back when there really wasn't a lot happening on that front in the UK. That was 2009. Somehow, we got nominated for 5 Streamy Awards in 2010, racking up 5 nominations, the third highest that year, and the first UK webseries to ever get nominated. We didn't win any, but it was enough of an achievement to get in there.

The official website is back up and running here, with new information, the official Facebook page is open again, and the Twitter account is cheerily chattering away here.

Sadly, the UK is still really far behind the US in sponsoring/funding web content, and in 2009 people didn't know what to make of it. The show was a success, made a profit, got a lot of views, and was distributed all over the world, even making it onto Australian TV. But nobody was willing to fund a second season, or anything else at the time. In the US, even back in 2009, lots of people were funding web shows, and it's exploded since then.

Thankfully, the UK web scene is thriving today, although everyone still has to fund the stuff themselves like we did - it will still take a while before any companies or financiers take the plunge and start putting money into these things. But things seem to be happening anyway, without the middleman - lots of UK folk on YouTube have got huge audiences, earn enough for it to be their main source of income, and all on their own initiative.

Anyway. Dan and I are both really happy to see Girl Number 9 back home again, after a long journey of distribution in other countries, and I hope people continue to discover it (and maybe have a stiff drink afterwards). Go and have a look! You silly sausage.