Thursday, August 09, 2012

New poster for Cockneys Vs Zombies

The previous poster was a teaser, and now the full poster has been released, which you can see exclusively at Den of Geek here. I think it's a bloody brilliant poster, I love them both and now I want them on my wall, along with Tower Block.

Since last Friday, the Cockneys Vs Zombies trailer has had (at the time I post this) 211,703 views. In less than a week! To put that in context, the Severance trailer on YouTube with the most views has had 141,503 in *five years*... And Severance was a popular movie that did very well, so hopefully that bodes well for CvsZ.

I'm still quite gobsmacked at how quickly the trailer has blown up everywhere, people seem to be really responding to it and passing it on. It'd be great if it kept increasing that figure, so please do keep spreading the word - low budget UK movies have to fight a lot harder to compete in the crowded marketplace, so word of mouth will really help, along with as many people seeing it in the first weekend as possible. Thank you to everyone who has linked to it or commented so far!

That will also go for Tower Block, when the trailer is released. If you like these sort of movies, and want to see more of them, please help us to make them a success. We'll try and make them as good as we can, if you go and see them. Deal? Deal. That's legally binding now, FOREVER.