Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cockneys Vs Zombies screenings, DVD and Blu-ray

Germans and people in or near Germany! CvsZ is released in cinemas in your lovely country on 4th October - the DVD/Blu-ray will follow on 7th March, with a few Germany-only extras including Alan Ford in German. I now need to buy a copy so I can see that.

Americans etc! It will premiere (as well as Tower Block) at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, twice during the festival - on Sunday 23rd September at midnight (as in, Sunday night, technically Monday morning) and Thursday 27th at 5.30pm. Tower Block is on Sunday 23rd at 9.20pm, and Thursday 27th at 12.15pm. We'll know details about the US distribution after that, so watch this space.

Other countries! Watch this space as well. When I have information, I'll let you know. But it will be coming out in lots and lots of places.

Here in the UK, it's still showing at the Empire Leicester Square, if you're in or near London and want to see it at the cinema. There's also a screening in Manchester at the Grimmfest film festival on Thursday 4th October - details and tickets here, if you're in the area it's probably the only cinema screening before the DVD release.

Speaking of which, it'll be out here to buy in time for Halloween, on 22nd October, on DVD and Blu-ray. Look at the lovely covers! I've shrunk them to fit, but you can clicky-clicky for biggy-biggy:

You can pre-order it now, it's already 10th (Blu-ray) and 13th (DVD) in the Amazon comedy horror bestsellers chart, which is pretty exciting for me. It also means that everyone in the UK will be able to see it - as a smaller movie, we can't compete with the amount of screens the huge movies get, so I'm glad lots of you managed to find it. But now you can all have. All of you! Even you! Go click!