Sunday, September 16, 2012

My FrightFest phone idents

Both CvsZ and Tower Block premiered at FrightFest this year - you can read my long, rambly blog post on that here - but I also had two other surprise shorts playing.

Before the festival, Ian Rattray, one of the FrightFest organisers, asked several filmmakers, including me, to provide 30 second idents to be shown before the main movies, asking the audience to turn off their phones. It's become his catchphrase at the fest now, as he yells at us "turn off your bloody phones!"

I was asked to do one of my own, but also to do the opening one starring Ian himself - it's his catchphrase, so it was only right that he kicked things off with a slightly longer ident. I wrote and directed both of them, and spent a couple of days with James and Russ from the brilliant Ne'er Do Well Films who organised the whole affair. We had the services of DoP extraordinaire Laurie Rose (Kill List) who made it all look fantastic (thanks to kickass producer Jen Handorf for snagging Laurie for us, Jen is also producing my short Crazy For You, more news on that later).

The one with Ian in played before the opening movie, and the one with me in played before Tower Block - I deliberately hadn't told the producers or directors about it, so they were quite surprised (and I think a bit scared) to see me suddenly popping up after the intro and slaughtering people.

They're online now, so I thought I'd give them their own blog post. They're not safe for work, and feature violence, gore and swearing. Here's the one with Ian in:

And here's my one, starring... well, me. I couldn't find anyone famous: