Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tower Block. UK cinemas. 21st September.

Update: Tower Block is NOW in UK cinemas. The first weekend is VERY important for films like this, because *11* other films came out on the same day, and more will be out next week. Cinemas can't show everything, so they have to prioritise, and anything that is losing them money gets dumped, understandably. So if you can, please see it in this first weekend, it'll make a big difference. If you like this sort of thing, support it, and then more will get made!

The subject line says it all really. But I'll say more anyway, because it's my blog and my movie and I will TAKE MY TOYS HOME IF YOU DON'T LET ME--

Ahem. Sorry, got a bit overexcited there. Let's go to a new paragraph, just to take the stain of shame away.

Woo! All new, shame-free paragraph! Okay, Tower Block is released in UK & Ireland cinemas on Friday 21st September. That's this week. Yes, I know. Other countries, details will come later when we have them. This is the (extra wide) poster:

This is the poster at a tube station in London, with a scary man standing nearby:

And this is the trailer - now, it's not *hugely* spoilery, unlike most trailers, but it does give some stuff away. Obviously I'd rather you didn't know ANYTHING before going into the movie, as it'll be more surprising that way. But if you're cool with it, then here it is. It's a bloody great trailer, too:

Again, like CvsZ, it's a low budget, UK movie, and we can't always compete with the marketing might of things like the Dark Knight. But we've got posters out there on tubes, a cool trailer, lots of brilliant reviews, and a movie we're all really proud of.

It's not a remake, a sequel, reboot, rethink, reimagining, prequel, threequel, squeakquel, or based on a TV show. It's not a miserable kitchen-sink drama or frilly romcom, it's a dark, horror-action-thriller with a few laughs too, so please come out and support us if you like it. If you go and see the movies that you like, then they'll do well and we'll get to make more of them. It's win-win!

Please don't pirate it, because it really will affect us, and means the people with the money won't want to fund things like this again. If you do pirate it, and like it, then please buy it afterwards. I'm not going to call you a criminal or so on, I don't think that helps anyone. But nobody's going to become a millionaire from this, you're not taking money from some faceless corporation, you would be directly hurting us, the creative folk who want to make more movies to entertain you. I know it's frustrating if it's not on near you yet, but trust me, it's just as frustrating for us, we want everyone to see the movie. So please go and see it at the cinema, or buy it when it comes out on DVD. We'd like to continue to get paid for our work, so we can pay the bills and keep doing our job. But if you do pirate it, and don't pay, please don't tell me. I'll cry, all over you, and nobody wants that.

So please go and see it! It's a bigger release this time, you should be able to find it easily enough - sorry if it's not on near you, but it's still on plenty of screens. UPDATE: You can use this link to find all the cinemas showing it.