Tuesday, September 25, 2012

VS Comics page

I announced a while ago that I was working on a creator-owned comic with Mr Mike Garley, and now the Facebook page is live, and open, and visible, and all that sort of stuff - there are some logos and story details, and plenty more will appear as we get closer to the launch.

You'll be able to see the logo and blurb for my first ongoing story, Day and Night, something I'm very excited about. So go! Click the Like button, and shiny rewards will shower down upon you from HEAVEN ITSELF!*

There'll be some sneaky images from works in progress uploaded soon, so keep an eye on the page. We'll also be launching the actual website when it's ready, but the FB page is the best place to hear about that right now, so off you pop and get internet-married to us both.**

Why are you still reading this?? Go there!

*Note: you will not get shiny rewards, from Heaven or anywhere else. But I will love you extra hard.
**Also note: internet-marriage is legal and binding, and your contract will arrive within 28 days.