Thursday, November 08, 2012

Dead Roots issue 1 out now

Dead Roots, the zombie anthology comic that I have a story in, has released its first issue. It's set during the first few hours of a zombie outbreak, and has gore, mayhem, drama, humour, tragedy, and lots of biting. It's edited by Mike Garley, who I'm doing VS Comics with (more on that in another blog post).

Dead Roots will be released quarterly, and there's a bloody good lineup of creators involved. My story is in the next issue, and you can subscribe to the whole thing if you want it to just arrive when new issues come out - it's on Apple's Newsstand, with a Kindle version coming soon (you won't need a Kindle, you can use the free app to view it).

It's digital *only*, so you won't be able to pick these up in shops etc - if it's a huge success, then there might be a printed collection somewhere down the line, but that might be ages away. If you want it, grab it now, and save a tree, or part of a tree.

Check out some of the reviews it's been getting (click on the links to read the full reviews):

"Dead Roots is flawless from concept to concept" - Bleeding Cool

"Expect blood, violence, swearing, madness, love, hate and a LOT of zombies. Like a mad prequel to World War Z in spectacular comic form." - Gorepress

“This is some damn good zombie storytelling.” - Fanboy Comics

"The first issue of Dead Roots is out now and a joy to both look at and read." - The Reluctant Geek

"Overall, Dead Roots is a quality anthology, a fantastic read and even bigger promise." - Geek Native

It's available here on iTunes, for the bargain price of £2.99 (or $4.99 or €4.49 depending where you live) for a 38 page issue. Or you can subscribe to the whole thing and get each issue for a bit less. Yes, those different currency symbols mean you can buy it wherever you are, there's no silly region locking or anything. If you want it, it's just a click away. Well, probably a few clicks. But quick clicks. So go and get it!