Monday, November 19, 2012

For Julia

My brilliant, funny, beautiful, super-smart and incredibly brave sister Julia left us on Tuesday 13th November 2012, after an epic fight against cancer. She went peacefully, painlessly, held by our other two sisters and surrounded by love.

I'll miss her so much. She introduced me to Alien, The Young Ones, John Waters, trashy TV movies, The Blues Brothers, and so much more. All of my memories of her involve us laughing like lunatics, she was so funny. I'd give anything to have another few minutes with her. Life is so terribly, terribly short.

Kirkwood Hospice, where she spent her final days, were amazing to Julia and all of us, providing care way beyond the call of duty - so we're hoping to send some money their way, to help in their wonderful work. If you'd like to help out, please visit this link or pass it on.

Goodbye, Jools. I love you and miss you, always.