Friday, January 18, 2013

Make stuff with snow

We had some snow today, in the UK. You may have noticed it. This afternoon, I tweeted this:

By the way, if you have snow, good time to make a quick, simple short film with phone/etc. Free production value!

The short I was thinking of was this one, called Switch, from 2010, written and directed by the stand-by art director on Cockneys Vs Zombies, Melanie Light. They hadn't planned on snow, but decided to go ahead anyway, and it gives the film a whole extra dimension.

Once I'd tweeted that, Alex Richardson sent me this short, filmed the last time they had snow - all filmed in one hour, according to his tweet! Again, the snow gives it tons more atmosphere and production value.

On New Year's Eve, I tweeted these words:

Whatever you do in 2013, make some art. Write a story, sing a song, do a video, start a blog. Just give us some of YOU.
There is not enough art in the world. There can NEVER be enough. So make some more. It's fun!

So here's the challenge: if it snowed today in your local area (anywhere in the world), go and make a short film tomorrow (Saturday 19th January). Using the free snow.

Just something simple. ANY length, but try and keep it under 5 minutes. No short is too short, if you can do it in 5 seconds, cool! Don't worry about fancy gear, use whatever you have to hand - phone camera is absolutely fine, preferable in fact, as it'll be easier to carry. Got housemates, local friends? Use them. Live alone and nobody to help? Do it yourself, be the star (prop the camera on a bag, walk in and out of shot, edit accordingly). If you have a fancier camera, use that.

Editing? If you have a Mac, use the free iMovie software that comes with it. If you have a PC, use any of these free programs.

Sound effects? Free ones here (and many more just a Google away). Music? Royalty free (non-commercial use) tracks here (or use your own work, or Google again).

Do it all in one day. Write a short script (something achievable, with a beginning, middle and end), go outside, film it until you run out of daylight, come back indoors and edit it. Stick it on Youtube or Vimeo or any other free service. Give me a link (in the comments here), and I'll do a followup post linking to ALL of them.

Why? Why not? You never need an excuse to make some art, but the snow is a great excuse to do something fun on a Saturday. You can do it all for free, there's no barrier to filmmaking now. If the short is rubbish, who cares? You made something, and you learned something - if you're a writer, you saw the challenges in filming your own script, and figured out how to shoot, edit, etc. And doing it all in one day means you have to discipline yourself with time and resources.

Go! And have fun.

UPDATE: some people are doing it on Sunday instead of Saturday. One did it Friday, without knowing about the challenge. Some are using Saturday *and* Sunday. This is ALL good. Just make something! And send them in!


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