Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tower Block Sitges award photos

Back in October 2012, Tower Block screened at the Sitges film festival, and walked away with the award for best in competition feature film in the Official Fantàstic Panorama Selection. It's a pretty damn respectable award, so we were all pretty excited about it.

Today, I got to see the award itself. There's only one of them, and it's being kept on neutral ground (SC Films), as if any one of us got to keep it, it'd be unfair on all the others. So I took some photos. Here it is, in all its glory:

Pretty fancy, eh? And yes, it's based on the robot Maria from Metropolis. Here's a closer look at the detail on the figure:

Here's the plaque:

Here's me holding the award, looking reasonably sensible:

And here's me looking all thoughtful and awards-worthy:

Thank you again, Sitges, for such a lovely award.