Friday, January 04, 2013

VS Comics Issue 1 out now

Yes, the long awaited (by me and anyone else who was waiting) first issue of VS Comics, the anthology monthly comic from me and Mike Garley, is out now!

It features an ongoing tale I've been dying to tell for ages, called Day and Night, about a group of work colleagues who stumble across some proper, nasty, evil vampires, and have to go on the run. It's gory, bloody, scary, and features amazing art by Patrick Walsh, colours by Nadine Ashworth, and letters by Mike Stock. Here's a tiny taster:

That's Lloyd. He doesn't like you. He doesn't like *anyone*. But he likes blood.

Full details are here at our website, and you can buy it there and then, ELECTRO-MAGICALLY. It's a bumper, packed issue, for only £2, and the monthly issues will only be available digitally (though collected print versions of each story will probably happen at some point).

Update: Amazon Kindle, iBookstore, Facebook and Graphicly versions are available now! Go get them at this very link here.

There's a great review of Issue 1 here from The Reluctant Geek, and another one here from Geek Native, so go and see what they have to say. You can also see a free prelude to the story Eponymous here at the VS Comics site, with some amazing artwork by Martin Simmonds. Now go and buy it, or else!

I'm really excited to unleash our mutant, evil baby on the world, and hope you all enjoy it.