Monday, February 25, 2013

Tower Block on DVD in The Netherlands

Dutch people, people of Dutchland, people living in Dutchland who aren't Dutch, or anyone who may be passing through Dutchingtonshire - Tower Block is coming out on DVD in your country this week (English audio, Dutch subtitles).

It'll be released on Wednesday 27th February, you can buy it online here or here, and probably in shops too. It has all new cover art, which I've only just seen, and looks pretty cool too:

Thank you to Babs from The Twitter (well, actually from The Netherlands) for finding the links. Other countries, don't despair - it's already out on DVD in the UK, as is Cockneys Vs Zombies, and both movies are coming to the US cinemas and DVD players this year, thanks to Shout Factory. More announcements as they arrive.

Some Tower Block reviews:
"A thriller that delivers with brutal simplicity" - Empire
"Teeth-clenchingly tense and suspenseful" - Starburst
"Easily the best British film of the year" - heDD magazine
"Unpalatable... nasty... ultra-weak" - The Birmingham Mail

Hey, how did that last one get in there? Who writes this stupid blog??

And to UK folk, Tower Block is now being stocked in all branches of HMV, so you can drop in and pick up a copy. Grab CvsZ while you're in there! Fun for all the family!