Monday, February 18, 2013

Tower Block out on DVD & Blu-ray in the UK now

Tower Block, a movie what I wrote, is out on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK right now! Click the links to get it from Amazon, or go to another online retailer of your choice, or use iTunes to buy/rent, or use the Sky Movies store, or some other streaming service, or go to an actual, physical shop, take a copy from the shelf, and buy it in real-time meatspace land! Not a sequel, remake, or based on a TV show! All new entertainment, hand-crafted for your pleasure! Guaranteed to contain no horse meat!

Some of the reviews:
"A thriller that delivers with brutal simplicity" - Empire
"Teeth-clenchingly tense and suspenseful" - Starburst

"Easily the best British film of the year" - heDD magazine
"Unpalatable... nasty... ultra-weak" - The Birmingham Mail

Hey, wait, how did that last one get in there??

Movies like this live on word of mouth though, so if you liked this (and/or Cockneys Vs Zombies), *please* leave us reviews saying so! Amazon, iTunes, wherever. If you like them, please spread the word. Reviews will really help us.

Like Cockneys Vs Zombies, due to financial considerations etc, there are no commentaries, but again, I'm going to record one of my own, and put it online for free. I haven't done the CvsZ one yet due to lack of time, will try and do them both as soon as I can. Both will be free, so you can download and listen while you watch.

CvsZ is still available to buy, online and in shops, and you can probably grab it for a fiver at the moment. Yes, that's only five of your English pounds! You can't afford NOT to buy it!

Don't worry, other countries, both movies will still be coming your way - there'll be a theatrical release in the US, as reported here, CvsZ already landed in Japanese cinemas in January, and other countries are in the pipeline. We'll get to most of you eventually. There is no escape.

Both movies are low budget UK genre movies, so please support them if you like them, spread the word, and buy legally. We can't compete with the huge budget blockbusters, because they can afford to spend way more on advertising and special effects, so if you download them from naughty sites, the financiers don't earn their money back, and we don't get to make more fun UK movies.

I don't believe in criminalising people who download illegally, it solves nothing - but all I ask is that if you do download, and like the movie, please consider buying it or supporting us in some way. Otherwise you're directly hurting us, the people who make the movies, not some huge, faceless corporation. We all complain about sequels and non-UK movies filling up our cinemas, but the only way to help UK movies is to see them, support them, and pay the people who make them. Thank you.