Wednesday, February 06, 2013

VS Comics issue 2 out now

Issue 2 of VS Comics, the monthly anthology comic edited by me and Mike Garley, is available now. You can get it from this link here, for the ridiculously low, low price of £2, or whatever that works out as in your own currency.

Yes, that means it's not region locked or anything, you can buy and read wherever you are in the world. Even if you're not on the world, but within range of wifi, you can still grab it. So go and do so!

The ongoing stories continue, including my vampire story Day and Night. It's all kicking off, and there will be blood. Lots and lots of blood. Here's a small preview:

That pic isn't spoilery, unless you were unaware that my vampires kill people. Once again, the art is by Patrick Walsh, colours are by Nadine Ashworth, and letters are by Mike Stock. If you want to see proper, nasty, actual vampires doing actual vampire stuff, then check it out.

Update: the monthly anthology will ONLY be available digitally! There *may* be collected, printed versions of some stories once they've completed their run, but for now you can only get digital versions.