Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cockneys Vs Zombies commentary

When Cockneys Vs Zombies landed on UK DVD and Blu-ray, for various reasons there were no commentaries. I promised at the time to record my own commentary, and post it up here for free. So here it is! You can download it, and play it alongside your copy of the movie.

But wait! Why are there two files, Moran? WHYYYY? Well, DVDs are a slightly higher frame rate, so movies end up being slightly shorter than their normal length. CvsZ is 88 minutes, but on DVD it's 84 minutes, due to those technical shenanigans. I recorded my commentary using the DVD, so I made a copy and stretched it to fit the Blu-ray. The DVD one is exactly the right length, and the Blu-ray one is as close as I could get it - so download whichever version you have.

There's no fancy syncing to be done - the commentary is the same length as the movie, so you'll have to start them both at the same time. If you open the movie in whatever you use to play DVDs (on your computer or DVD player), and play the movie from the main menu, you'll have a few seconds to press play on your commentary file, wherever you have it. It shouldn't matter if you're a couple of seconds off, there's only one or two moments where I say "there!", you'll figure it out.

Here is the Soundcloud page for the DVD commentary.

And here is the Soundcloud page for the Blu-ray commentary.

Both pages have a download button you can use. If I max out my download limit on Soundcloud, I'll change the links to point to my copies on Google Drive.

If you don't have a copy of the movie, you can get it very cheaply in shops, or from Amazon on DVD or Blu-ray, or Blinkbox, Lovefilm Instant, or you can rent or buy it on iTunes. Other countries: it will be heading your way as soon as possible - August 2nd in the USA, with a Florida screening in April.

SERIOUS WARNING: DO NOT listen to this before you watch the movie for the first time. It will RUIN it, spoil lots of surprises, and generally be all kinds of wrong. This is ONLY for people who have seen the movie! If you haven't seen the movie, this commentary will be 50% gibberish, and 50% spoilery, so WAIT until you've seen it. You can download it now and wait, but MAKE SURE you wait. Or I'll know. I can SMELL betrayal.

Milder warning: It contains some swearing, but nothing worse than you hear in the movie itself. It's fairly ordinary sound quality, as it was recorded on a cheap headset so I could safely hear the audio while talking - there's no audio from the movie, it's just me.

Thank you to Owen Billcliffe for the photo above - he was the photographer on CvsZ, and caught me doing my zombie cameo (which was tragically cut out, though I'm still in there as Terrified Bank Customer). Thanks also to Brian Edwards for spotting the man on the boat (mentioned in the commentary as "someone on Twitter"). And extra big thanks to Matt Goble for a ton of technical information about the different lengths/speeds of DVDs and Blu-rays.

I'll do one for Tower Block as soon as I get a chance. And hey, maybe I'll do one for Severance too, seeing as I mostly laughed at everyone's jokes and clammed up when I did the actual DVD commentary. This could be a thing! Watch this space.