Friday, March 01, 2013

FrightFest Ident Competition

Remember the idents from the 2012 FrightFest? They warned people to "turn off your bloody phone", or face gruesome consequences. I did two of them, which you can watch here.

Now you can win the chance to get your own ident shown at this year's FrightFest, with their new competition. The video announcement is here, and the full details are here (with scary photo of me). Basically, make a 25-second ident (30 including the end title card, which is supplied), submit it, and you could be one of five lucky winners getting your work shown during the festival, in front of tons of horror fans and filmmakers.

I'm one of the judges, and I'm going to be very fussy and strict, so make them good! The website has all the details, terms and conditions, so go read it, think of some ideas, and go make stuff. Go! Now!

Update! Twitch Film is covering the story here.

Update 2: The competition is open to anyone in the world! Not just the UK!