Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cockneys Vs Zombies US release date

Americans! People near America! Non-Americans living or visiting America! This is for you! Cockneys Vs Zombies has a US release date: August 2nd. Or, to put it in American date format, Secgust Augcond.

The news is reported here and here, following on from the previous announcement that Shout! Factory will be the US distributor for that and Tower Block (no release date yet). It'll be a limited cinema release, followed by VOD, DVD, Blu-ray, and holo-cube implant. So keep an eye out for it at a cinema near you - there'll be a list of locations closer to the time.

If you can't wait, don't forget it's screening on April 12th and 14th (midnight and 10pm respectively) at the Florida Film Festival in, er, Florida.

It's also screening on Friday June 14th at the Southside Film Festival in Pennsylvania, for one night only. Get yourself a ticket for a mere $5, check out the website for details.

Update! There's a shiny new website for the movie's US release here, with a (de-swearified) trailer, press notes, and stuff. It should have details of the locations you can see it, when they're announced, so keep an eye on it to see if it's screening near you.