Tuesday, April 23, 2013

VS Comics issue 4 out now

Issue 4 of our ongoing monthly anthology comic is out now! VS Comics is the anthology me and Mike Garley have been working on, with loads of brilliant writers and artists taking part over 47 pages of goodness. We also have a new story starting this month, The Sentinel. Here's the VS blog post about the new issue.

My story, Day and Night, reaches a critical moment, as the surviving humans are pushed to breaking point - will they snap, or start to fight back? Here's a sneaky pic:

Still not sure? Have a read of the Chaos Hour review of issue 1 here, or the Reluctant Geek's reviews of the first three issues here, here and here.

You can buy issue 4 (and issues 1, 2 and 3) at our website here. Each issue is just £2, for a PDF copy with no DRM or region restrictions. Try issue 1, it's a bumper edition of 68 pages. You can't afford NOT to buy it! Don't think about the logic of that sentence, just do it!

It's easy and cheap to catch up right now, and we've got loads more cool stuff in the pipeline, so go and get stuck in.