Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Cockneys Vs Zombies and Tower Block at CONvergence

Ahead of their release in America (July 2nd and August 2nd), Cockneys Vs Zombies and Tower Block will have a special screening each at the CONvergence event in Minneapolis this July. I'm attending the convention, and will introduce the movies and do a Q&A afterwards.

CvsZ is at midnight Saturday 6th/Sunday 7th, and Tower Block is at 2pm on Sunday 7th. So if you're at the event itself, come along and see them! You'll get to see them both before they're released, with an audience, and after the screenings you can ask me what the hell I was thinking doing [SPOILER] to the [REDACTED].

The full schedule for the convention is here, I'm on several panels with lots of really smart, cool people, and am really looking forward to what sounds like a hugely fun event. Hope to see you there.