Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Den of Eek! ebook available

Last year, I took part in Den of Geek's first live storytelling evening, in aid of their Geeks Vs Cancer appeal. Twelve of us wrote scary stories, then read them out in front of an audience. It was brilliant fun, and the host, Sarah, wrote an account of the evening here.

Obviously numbers were limited to how many people we could fit in the building, but now you can read all of the stories in their new ebook collection from the night. It's available in the Kindle format - but you don't need a Kindle, you can use the free software to read it on nearly any device - and the collection will cost you a mere £5.14.

There are lots of big names and brilliant newcomers in the book, I've heard all the stories so I can vouch for them. My story is called The 34 Steps, I wrote it for the event, it won't be appearing anywhere else, and hopefully it'll give you something new to worry about.

Details are on the Den of Geek website here, and the Amazon page is here. It's all for a very good cause, so pick up a copy, light some candles, and read them aloud, to friends, or alone if you're feeling brave...