Friday, August 02, 2013

Cockneys Vs Zombies US release August 2nd

People of America! Cockneys Vs Zombies is released in your fair nation today, August 2nd, in selected cinemas and also on VOD at the same time, so you have several ways to get it.

Click here for a list of cinemas and VOD locations - try to see it on the big screen if you can, it's a fun crowd movie. But it'll be almost everywhere, and then on DVD and Blu-ray September 3rd. If you do the iTunes thing, you can rent or buy it RIGHT HERE!

Click here for the UK red band trailer - it's like the US red band trailer, but with way more swearing and violence, to give you a good idea of what sort of movie you're getting. If you like the song playing in the second half of that trailer, it's Mother of Girl by Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux.

Click here for a video podcast featuring me explaining Cockney rhyming slang - including two examples that you probably already use.

Seen the movie and enjoyed the score by Jody Jenkins? Grab the soundtrack from here.

Please do catch it where you can, we all put a lot of love and passion into the movie, and I'm really proud of it. I know you've had to wait a while, but hopefully it'll be worth the wait. Now go! Go see it!

By the way, you can still buy Tower Block over there on DVD and Blu-ray, so check it out if you like the look of it. Click here for the US trailer.