Monday, August 19, 2013

Cardiff Comic Con, Swansea Doctor Who Day

Wales! Wales, Wales, Wales! Soon I will be all over you, like a bottle of Hai Karate splashed over a hirsute man!

All of which means, I'll be at two events are coming up soonish in Wales:

Cardiff Comic Con, 31st August to 1st September - I'll be there with the VS Comics team, showing off Day & Night, and the lovely new 64 page collection of Eponymous, which will premiere there. It looks like it'll be a great event, so come and find us at our table. If that's not enough for you, the other guests include Sarah Douglas (Ursa!), Kai Owen (Rhys!), Alice Krige (Borg Queen!), Lance Henriksen (Bishop!), Dave Prowse (Darth Vader!) and Brian Blessed (BRIAN BLESSED!) And way, way more guests, who are all really cool. I'll be there both days, all day.

Doctor Who Day, Swansea, Saturday 2nd November - at the Dylan Thomas Centre, this is a special event to celebrate Doctor Who. I'll be there with Phil Ford, Simon Guerrier, Joe Lidster, David Llewellyn, Una McCormack, and Louise Jameson (Leela!), talking about the show. This is my second time ever in Swansea - my first time was many years ago, waiting for a ferry to arrive, so this HAS to be better!

Details and tickets etc are at the links above. And yes, you can bring DVDs or anything to sign if you want - people at the last comic convention were very apologetic about bringing DVDs instead of comics, but I'm more than happy that you bought them, so go for it. Hope to see some of you there!