Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Cleaning Up" short film

A while ago, those dastardly Guerrier Brothers - Simon Guerrier, and Thomas, er, Guerrier - featured as police extras in Girl Number 9, the web thriller I wrote and part-directed. We thought, at the time, that they were just there to help out. But no! The entire thing was a cunning plan to see how we got stuff made, and steal several of our cast and crew to make their own short film! The dastards!

Look at them! Simon distracts us with his manly face, while Thomas scours the script for cast to steal!

The short they went on to make was "Cleaning Up", it stars Mark Gatiss and Louise Jameson, and is bloody good fun. You can see clips of it here, along with full versions of two of their other shorts, Wizard (starring David Warner!) and The Plotters, which are both very funny.

Now, you can actually buy Cleaning Up, for a couple of quid. All profits will go to developing a feature film version, executive produced by the lovely folk at Big Finish. What's more-- actually, why don't I let them speak for themselves:

Sounds like a good idea to me, and a great way of raising money to get a film off the ground. If you have no interest in any of that, you can just buy the short and never hear from them again (and who could blame you, they're clearly dodgy characters). So everybody wins! Probably! The full details are here, so have a look and see if you fancy it. Or they'll come to your house and steal stuff.

*Girl Number 9 still taken by Lou Boileau