Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My FrightFest 2013 idents

Last year, I directed two "turn off your bloody phone" idents for FrightFest, which you can watch for free at this very blog post here. They're not safe for work. At all.

This year, I did two more, all with the fine folks at Ne'er Do Well Films. They've been online for a while, and I assumed I had posted them here. But, er, I hadn't. So here they are. They are also not safe for work.

The first one again stars Mr Ian Rattray, of FrightFest:

And the second again stars me, because I couldn't get hold of anyone willing to do the things I did in the video. You'll see what I mean:

I really enjoyed making them, apart from the bit where I had to chew Alka Seltzer tablets and spit on someone's hand with a binbag on my lap. I actually cut my tongue on one of the tablets, which you can briefly see in one shot - that's my blood! Yes, I pour my own blood into everything I do.

Thank you to everyone who gave their time for nothing to get up early and indulge my violent revenge fantasies. And also thanks to everyone who took part in the filming of these idents. Boom! See what I did there??

Sorry these idents aren't very Christmassy, but they *are* free, so in a way, they're little Christmas presents. Unwanted presents, that you'll smile politely at, then secretly take back to the shop in January.