Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three Minutes - a short film

In December 2012, I shot a short film called Crazy For You. It took us a while to finish, as it was a big, complex affair, and we premiered at FrightFest in August 2013. It's currently touring festivals.

In December 2013, I shot another short film, called Three Minutes. Determined to do something I could pull off in one day, I wrote a short script about a man trapped in a room. One actor. One room. One prop. Minimal budget and crew. Edited and graded on my laptop at home. And now it's ready to watch.

Oh, we also shot a music video on the same day, in the same room. Thanks to the good people at Enterprise Studios, a hard working cast & crew, and a level of obsessively detailed over-planning that made me feel like a serial killer, we got both shoots done, and finished early. Music video in the morning, location redress, then short film in the afternoon, with time for lunch. The music video will be released soon, for the band Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux (website, Facebook) - I'll update this when that happens, as the short film has an unusual... relationship with the music video. I'll explain later!

Update: the music video is here! Watch the short first, then go watch the music video. That post explains how the two projects are linked.

If people want, I'll do a more detailed post about the whole process, talking through what I've learned, equipment used, etc. For now, enjoy the short, pass it around, embed, etc. Try to watch it in HD, full screen if you can:

Vimeo link is here, YouTube link is here.

Full credits for the short:

Three Minutes

Starring Daniel Brocklebank

Written & Directed by
James Moran

Camera & Sound
Stuart Dye

Jess Taylor

Kevin MacLeod -
"Ghostpocalypse - 1 Departure"
"Movement Proposition"
"Steel and Seething"

Production Assistant
Piers Beckley

Thanks to
Jodie Kearns
Jen Handorf

James Moran
Peter Cornish-Barlow

Shot on location at
Enterprise Studios

DCC Ash font:

Sounds from




Fluorescent lights:

Static buzz/hum:

Door buzzer: