Monday, March 24, 2014

Dead Roots available now

Hey, you! Yes, you! Do you like zombies? Do you like violence? Do you like blood, mayhem, dark humour, compelling characters, great art, and cake? Well, you're in luck, friend! Because this is a book that has all of those things!

Yes, this of course means that Dead Roots, the zombie comic anthology in which I have a story, is available now in glorious print form! You can get a fancy hardback, or a trade paperback, containing all the stories in one.

My story is in there, and there are stories by people like Gordon Rennie, James Henry, Jason Arnopp, Kimberley Newey, and many more. Mike Garley, my VS Comics partner-in-crime, not only wrote for it but edited the book too, and has done a superb job pulling such a massive project together.

It's a shared-world anthology, which covers the first few hours of a zombie outbreak, from a variety of viewpoints. I've got my copy, and it's a really cool book, with tons of great zombie action and beautiful art. Here's a preview of my story, with amazing art by Rebecca Morse:

Told you there was cake... If you want to read the full story, it's online for free at this link here. Yes, free! Because I am luring you into a trap love you!

The book itself is available to buy here, in both formats, so go and grab a copy right now!

If you'd rather have it electronically, the app is still available here.

I'd be recommending this even if I didn't have a small story in there, it's a lovely piece of work filled with work from incredibly talented people. I'm proud to be part of it, and hope you enjoy it.