Thursday, March 20, 2014

Doctor Who Adventure Games now on Steam

Back in 2010, I wrote one of the Doctor Who Adventure Games, the third one, called TARDIS. It was released in the UK, and then later outside the UK through Direct2Drive. But! It's now available (Pc-only, sorry) - well, all of them are - through Steam, anywhere in the world.

The games are considered part of season 5, Matt Smith's first season, and count as episodes of the show. My one stars Matt, Karen Gillan, and Sarah Douglas as the Entity. I had a great time working on it, and writing in fun action stuff and silly moments ("don't trip over the sun lounger"). Possibly my favourite part was coming up with names for the TARDIS controls, and deciding how they work.

We had to work on the games (the amazing Phil Ford wrote the other episodes, I came in towards the end to do episode 3, which was going to be episode 4, but timey wimey happened) before season 5 started, before we'd seen Matt and Karen do their thing, so I had to guess at the vocal delivery from Phil's game scripts, which he had based on TV scripts he'd seen. Because most of season 5 was still under wraps while I was trying to figure out a storyline, my first attempt had too much similarity to the "crack in time" season arc, and had to be dropped when it went to the Beeb for approval. Damn! But at least it meant I was on the right track.

Just before the voice recording for my game, the first two episodes of season 5 aired, so I re-watched them about 10 times each to get the dialogue delivery into my head, and rewrote the lines. I even read my script aloud, doing terrible impressions of Matt and Karen's voices. There are things I'd like to change, but I'm happy with how close I got at the time.

NAME DROP MEDIA PONCE ALERT: Matt was lovely enough to pass on a message after the voice recording to tell me how much he enjoyed my script, which I got to thank him for a couple of years later at a Channel 4 party. MEDIA PONCE NAME DROP STORY ENDS.

Anyway, it's a fun game, and you get to fly the TARDIS. The other games have Daleks, Cybermen, and Vashta Nerada. Why are you still reading this?? Here's a trailer:

Go get it now! The worldwide Steam link for the game pack is here.

And the UK free download is still available here, for both PC and Mac, along with an intro video by Karen Gillan, trailers, and an interview with uber-villain Sarah Douglas. There's also a bit of blurb from me and some history at this page here. The other games are still available on the BBC site too.

Don't ask me why the Mac version is UK-only, I have no idea. I also can't help with technical support, there are help pages on Steam and on the BBC site. And I'm *useless* at the mini-games, especially the electric/maze thingy, so you're on your own with those too.

Enjoy! And remember to lock those doors...