Friday, March 21, 2014

The Borderlands screening on March 28th

The Borderlands is a new UK found-footage horror movie, about a group of Vatican investigators sent to a newly reopened church after strange, seemingly supernatural events are caught on video. Without giving too much away: things get weird. Proper weird.

Here's a trailer (mildly spoilery if you want to stay totally fresh, but it saves the big scares for the film).

There's a proper reason for it being found-footage, based in the storyline, and it manages to feel handheld without shaking the bloody camera all over the place, so you can - shockingly - actually see what's going on. I know! A found-footage movie where they actually point the camera at things!

Why am I going on about it? Partly because I think it's really cool, partly because I did a not-so-secret script rewrite on it (uncredited as agreed, but then they announced it anyway, I'm not giving anything away and I'm proud to be involved as it came out really well). It's a creepy, scary slice of ghost-cake, but then I would say that, as I helped to slice that cake.

I don't know why I got onto the cake thing.

Now I want some cake.

Anyway, it's getting a lot of great buzz from people who've seen it and had their pants *literally* scared right off them. Jamie Graham from Total Film called it "genuinely terrifying", and he's seen me drunk so he knows true terror (that last part may not have been true). If you want to see it and support British horror flicks, please do go and check it out. But how can you see it?! That's a great question, Person Who I Invented Just For The Purposes Of The Following Paragraph!

In today's crowded market, many smaller, indie movies don't get a cinema release - but this will be having a limited screening on March 28th in London, Brighton, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Norwich. So if you want to catch it on the big screen - and trust me, big screen and big sound add to the experience with this one - you need to reserve a ticket at one of the screenings - it's a special thingy to ensure screenings for happen where there's a demand, so go and grab a ticket now at this website here.

If you can't make it to a cinema screening, it'll be landing on UK DVD on April 7th, or iTunes if you want it electronically, and will haunt the US, Germany and other countries later in the year. Booga-booga-booga!

Note: there will be no cake. Unless you bring your own.