Sunday, May 18, 2014

STICCON in Italy

Italian people! I'm attending this year's STICCON (Star Trek Italian Club Convention) from May 22nd to 25th, in Bellaria, Italy. Yes, that's next week. Yes, I should have mentioned it before. Yes, I've been working a lot.

It's partly a Star Trek event, but I'll be there in my general science fiction capacity, having written for other shows that have spacey and alieny stuff in. Other guests include Connor Trinneer, John Billingsley, and Bonita Friedericy, several special effects people from Star Wars, and more. If you're Italian, or live in Italy, or are an alien with the ability to beam down for the weekend, come and say hello!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kermode Uncut

I'm a guest on Mark Kermode's film blog this week, on the subject of whether critics pay enough attention to writers, and if, in the film industry in general, writers are undervalued. As you may imagine, I have *lots* to say on this particular subject...

It was great fun to do, and I'm very happy to have been invited on. The Good Doctor is one of the rare exceptions who will actually mention writers, and has been very nice about my work in the past. Of course, one day I'll write something he hates, and I'll have to fight him to the death on that spiked platform from Flash Gordon. It's our way.

Crazy For You at NYC Downtown Short Film Festival

New Yorkers! And New York-adjacent people! Crazy For You will screen at the NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, on Wednesday June 18th.

Tickets for the evening are available through this link here - they're $15, and you get to see 6 shorts including mine, and can attend a cocktail reception too. Go drink cocktails for me. Oh, and watch the film! Don't forget that part.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Eurovision online party

It's Eurovision time again! And that means Twitter is going to be awash in people live-tweeting the grand final tomorrow, including me. If you want to join in, I'll be online throughout the show, as will Jodie.

For everyone outside Europe, or those who have never heard of it: the Eurovision is an annual song contest in Europe, featuring wacky pop songs, insane outfits, and a massive arena filled with all the lights in the world. It's like a timewarp into the 1970s. It's fantastically awful, and fantastically brilliant. Some of the entries seem to be completely unaware of how far music has come in the past 40 years or so. The fun lies in seeing how terrible some of the songs are, how loud some of the outfits are, and what the latest gimmick will be (Russian grannies, ice skaters, etc). But then there are some genuinely great, fun pop songs and performances too - the sillier the better. Nobody wants to win, because it's massively expensive to produce (the winner gets to host the competition next year) and nobody can afford it. But everyone *desperately* tries to win anyway. The voting is blatantly, hilariously political. The UK always does badly, which always seems to come as a huge surprise to the UK team, as their waves to camera get sadder and sadder as the voting progresses. And soaring over it all like a beautiful bird, is Graham Norton, who provides the informative and gently sarcastic audio commentary throughout (taking over from the mighty Terry Wogan).

If you've never seen it, I can see why you might not be sold on it from my description. But there are few things more fun than watching the show with like-minded people, making jokes, being surprised at the good songs, and getting roaring drunk. You can't watch it sober. It would be dangerous.

If you're watching, and want to join in the Twitter madness, some details:

Eurovision grand final: Saturday May 10th, at 8pm. 

BBC One and BBC One HD.

For those without access to BBC One, the Eurovision website will have a live stream here: - it's at 8pm UK time, so be aware of the timezone difference.

I'm on Twitter as @jamesmoran, Jodie is @jodiekearns. I'll be using the hashtag #eurovision, but if you're following anyway that won't matter.

If you have no interest in seeing a bucketload of Eurovision nonsense in your feed, from me or anyone else, you'd be well advised to mute that hashtag during the show - most Twitter clients can mute hashtags or keywords. I will probably be tweeting about it a lot, so fair warning! There are always some bamboozled non-Europeans who don't know what's going on, and think I've gone mad.

Anyway. If you're watching and joining in, I'll see you online. Bring booze! Seriously. Trust me on this. You'll need it.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Crazy For You at SIFF

Crazy For You, the short film I wrote and directed, starring Arthur Darvill and Hannah Tointon, will screen at the Seattle International Film Festival this month!

It's part of the Suburban Gothic program, on Friday May 23rd, at 9.30pm. Details for Crazy For You are here, and if you want to see it you'll need a ticket for the Suburban Gothic screening here.

I'm very happy about this news, and have been wanting to blab about it since I found out. So if you're in the area, and want to see it on the big screen, please go along!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

LeakyCon 2014

LeakyCon is a very cool convention being held this year in Orlando, Florida. They have a huge list of guests attending, including the amazing Amber Benson (needs no introduction), Holly Black (author of The Spiderwick Chronicles), John Green (author & YouTube wizard), Adam Glass and Robbie Thompson (writers for Supernatural), Bernie Su (of Emma Approved and the Lizzie Bennett Diaries), Nina Toussaint-White (Melody Pond), and a very handsome, talented writer called-- oh, how embarrassing! It's me!

Yes, I'll be attending LeakyCon for the first time, bringing my unique blend of paleness and overexcitement to the lucky attendees. If you want to see someone extremely ill-equipped to deal with heat and humidity, I'm your guy!

Here is the page announcing my arrival - complete with details of what I'll be doing, and a scary photo of me trying to kill people with my mind.

I'll be doing all the usual panels, signings and Q&A things you'd expect, along with some others, as well as a special workshop where I show you my writing process, and how I go from the initial, one-line idea to a finished script - it's interactive, so we'll be trawling through a newspaper for ideas (the easy bit) and building a rough outline through the power of brainstorming and chocolate. It will probably go wrong, and someone might die, but you can't make an omelette without killing a few innocent people. You just can't.

I'll also be hosting a special screening and Q&A session of Crazy For You, my short film starring Arthur Darvill and Hannah Tointon. I'm afraid I won't be able to bring either of them in my suitcase, because they don't like doing that anymore. "I can't breathe in there," they said. "Stop calling me," they said. "Break into my house again and I'll have you arrested," they said. Actors, eh?? So fussy!

Update! Full schedule details at a new blog post here!

LeakyCon takes place from July 30th to August 3rd, 2014, and you can find all the details about tickets, travel and hotels on their website here.

If you're attending, or nearby and thinking about it, then hopefully I'll see you there!