Friday, May 09, 2014

Eurovision online party

It's Eurovision time again! And that means Twitter is going to be awash in people live-tweeting the grand final tomorrow, including me. If you want to join in, I'll be online throughout the show, as will Jodie.

For everyone outside Europe, or those who have never heard of it: the Eurovision is an annual song contest in Europe, featuring wacky pop songs, insane outfits, and a massive arena filled with all the lights in the world. It's like a timewarp into the 1970s. It's fantastically awful, and fantastically brilliant. Some of the entries seem to be completely unaware of how far music has come in the past 40 years or so. The fun lies in seeing how terrible some of the songs are, how loud some of the outfits are, and what the latest gimmick will be (Russian grannies, ice skaters, etc). But then there are some genuinely great, fun pop songs and performances too - the sillier the better. Nobody wants to win, because it's massively expensive to produce (the winner gets to host the competition next year) and nobody can afford it. But everyone *desperately* tries to win anyway. The voting is blatantly, hilariously political. The UK always does badly, which always seems to come as a huge surprise to the UK team, as their waves to camera get sadder and sadder as the voting progresses. And soaring over it all like a beautiful bird, is Graham Norton, who provides the informative and gently sarcastic audio commentary throughout (taking over from the mighty Terry Wogan).

If you've never seen it, I can see why you might not be sold on it from my description. But there are few things more fun than watching the show with like-minded people, making jokes, being surprised at the good songs, and getting roaring drunk. You can't watch it sober. It would be dangerous.

If you're watching, and want to join in the Twitter madness, some details:

Eurovision grand final: Saturday May 10th, at 8pm. 

BBC One and BBC One HD.

For those without access to BBC One, the Eurovision website will have a live stream here: - it's at 8pm UK time, so be aware of the timezone difference.

I'm on Twitter as @jamesmoran, Jodie is @jodiekearns. I'll be using the hashtag #eurovision, but if you're following anyway that won't matter.

If you have no interest in seeing a bucketload of Eurovision nonsense in your feed, from me or anyone else, you'd be well advised to mute that hashtag during the show - most Twitter clients can mute hashtags or keywords. I will probably be tweeting about it a lot, so fair warning! There are always some bamboozled non-Europeans who don't know what's going on, and think I've gone mad.

Anyway. If you're watching and joining in, I'll see you online. Bring booze! Seriously. Trust me on this. You'll need it.