Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Den of Eek new spooky ebook

Last year, I took part in Den of Geek's second live storytelling night, "Den of Eek!", with several other writers - reading out spooky short stories to an audience. The theme this time was urban legends, and it was great fun, as was the first night, which I wrote about here.

But what if you weren't there?? Well, you missed out. Sorry. Should have got tickets before it sold out... Never mind though, because just like the first one, all the stories have been published in an ebook, so you can read them all at your leisure! My story is called Pass It On - and I apologise in advance. You'll see why when you read it. If you dare...

The ebook is available here - and the first year's ebook is still available here - (that's for the UK, if you're in the US you can get them here and here) - with all profits going to cancer charities, a cause very close to me, especially at this time of year. They're both a mere £3 each, so for six quid you get 26 scary stories, just in time for Halloween, AND you get to help some great charities do their work.

Please have a look and consider picking up a copy of one or both, and I hope you enjoy the stories. Or at least, enjoy them as much as you can, until... well. You'll find out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cockneys Vs Zombies on TV in the UK

Yes! Cockneys Vs Zombies will air, for free, on TV in the UK, on the Pick channel, on Tuesday October 28th at 9pm!

If you couldn't make it to the cinema, didn't want to pay for the DVD or the Blu-ray or a rental or an iTunes copy/rental, and couldn't be bothered to press play on Netflix or Amazon Prime, then this is the news for you! You can't afford NOT to watch!

Pick TV is a free channel, if you're watching on Freeview it's Channel 11, on Sky it's 152 (or 153 for the +1 version), on Virgin it's 123, and on Freesat it's 144. Even if you have no cable or satellite, you just need a TV with some sort of aerial and you can watch on Freeview.

You now have literally no excuse not to see it. Unless you're away. Or busy. Or dead. Or you don't want to see it because it sounds gory and sweary violent and silly (it is all of those things). But really, UK viewers, it's been incredibly cheap on DVD and now it's free, I can't conceivably do any more for you at this point. It's free. It's on TV. Just watch it.

If you're busy on Tuesday, and/or you'd rather watch another day, it's repeated on Halloween night, Friday 31st October, at 10.45pm, right after Sharknado. Make it a double bill!

The listings page is here, and the movie page is here, although after that date those links will probably expire - but it won't matter anyway, you'll have missed it. The good people at Pick TV assure me it won't be edited for content, and will air in all its sweary, gory glory. There will probably be commercial breaks, but fucking hell, people, it's free, what do you want, blood? BLOOD? MY BLOOD??

Anyway, I think the message of this blog post can be summarised thusly: Cockneys Vs Zombies is on TV in the UK, for free. Watch it or else.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Game City live event in Nottingham

I'm heading back to Nottingham for my third visit to Game City, a really fun gaming event all about games and booze - well, mainly about games, but they do like to throw booze down your neck, and I'm obviously far too polite to refuse.

Last time, I wrote a playable, Fighting Fantasy-style mini adventure with Ian Livingstone (yes, THAT Ian Livingstone), called The Tentacled Horror - it was printed in a newsletter, so you could play it like one of the Fighting Fantasy books. Obviously it was much, much shorter, but I had a lot of fun writing it (and a lot of brain-ache, I have no idea how anyone writes the full length ones without losing their mind).

The newsletter was only available in selected places in Nottingham during the event, but now it's being launched as a digital, interactive version, and launching at this year's event. You'll be able to pick it up online, and play it, trying to avoid the many grisly deaths that await you.

Even more excitingly, I'm going to play an all new text adventure, live at the event, along with Ian himself, Kieron Gillen, Zoe Quinn, and Chris Avellone. I have no idea how it will work, but it will be very silly, I'm pretty sure of that. So come along and watch us flail around. I'll link to The Tentacled Horror when it goes online.

The live play is on Thursday 30th October, but the event runs all week, and most of it is free. Details are all at their website here, so come and join in the fun!