Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Den of Eek new spooky ebook

Last year, I took part in Den of Geek's second live storytelling night, "Den of Eek!", with several other writers - reading out spooky short stories to an audience. The theme this time was urban legends, and it was great fun, as was the first night, which I wrote about here.

But what if you weren't there?? Well, you missed out. Sorry. Should have got tickets before it sold out... Never mind though, because just like the first one, all the stories have been published in an ebook, so you can read them all at your leisure! My story is called Pass It On - and I apologise in advance. You'll see why when you read it. If you dare...

The ebook is available here - and the first year's ebook is still available here - (that's for the UK, if you're in the US you can get them here and here) - with all profits going to cancer charities, a cause very close to me, especially at this time of year. They're both a mere £3 each, so for six quid you get 26 scary stories, just in time for Halloween, AND you get to help some great charities do their work.

Please have a look and consider picking up a copy of one or both, and I hope you enjoy the stories. Or at least, enjoy them as much as you can, until... well. You'll find out.