Monday, October 06, 2014

Game City live event in Nottingham

I'm heading back to Nottingham for my third visit to Game City, a really fun gaming event all about games and booze - well, mainly about games, but they do like to throw booze down your neck, and I'm obviously far too polite to refuse.

Last time, I wrote a playable, Fighting Fantasy-style mini adventure with Ian Livingstone (yes, THAT Ian Livingstone), called The Tentacled Horror - it was printed in a newsletter, so you could play it like one of the Fighting Fantasy books. Obviously it was much, much shorter, but I had a lot of fun writing it (and a lot of brain-ache, I have no idea how anyone writes the full length ones without losing their mind).

The newsletter was only available in selected places in Nottingham during the event, but now it's being launched as a digital, interactive version, and launching at this year's event. You'll be able to pick it up online, and play it, trying to avoid the many grisly deaths that await you.

Even more excitingly, I'm going to play an all new text adventure, live at the event, along with Ian himself, Kieron Gillen, Zoe Quinn, and Chris Avellone. I have no idea how it will work, but it will be very silly, I'm pretty sure of that. So come along and watch us flail around. I'll link to The Tentacled Horror when it goes online.

The live play is on Thursday 30th October, but the event runs all week, and most of it is free. Details are all at their website here, so come and join in the fun!