Monday, January 26, 2015

My first ep of The Sparticle Mystery on today

Excitements! TV Excitements! My first episode of The Sparticle Mystery is on TV today, 5pm on CBBC and CBBCHD!

Update: It's now up on iPlayer, and you can watch it online here. It'll be available until February 25th, so get watching now!

It's episode 4, so you can catch up on the first three episodes here, here and here. And there's a sneak peek at my ep here! Season 2 should still be available to watch on iPlayer too, but if you need to jump in, read my quick summary of what happened so far at this blog post here. My next episode will be episode 9, airing on March 2nd.

This episode airs almost exactly 7 years after my first ever TV episode way back on January 23rd 2008 - it was the Sleeper episode of Torchwood. I wrote about it on the blog here, and followed up with a reaction post here. Bizarrely, and completely unintentionally, both episodes contain the line "there's no such thing as aliens"...

I still get excited when anything of mine comes out, there's nothing like the feeling of knowing the audience is all watching at the same time. I won't be able to watch live, as I'm away, but I'll do an update post when I get back. I'm really excited for everyone to see it.