Thursday, June 25, 2015

GeekyCon 2015 in Orlando

GeekyCon people! There has been a TERRIBLE administrative error, resulting in me being invited back! Yes! After all the deaths, I'm STILL coming back! The fools have learned nothing! NOTHING!

Yes, The Convention Formerly Known As LeakyCon (TCFKALC - pronounced TaCUFFkalc) has risen from the smoking ruins that I left behind me, and will soon repeat the mistakes of history by having me back.

I'll be there, doing my panel thing, answering questions, probably asking questions (where am I supposed to go? Where is the main stage? Who am I?), definitely playing more boardgames, maybe a workshop, maybe a screening, maybe I'll just stand in the hallway in total silence, WHO KNOWS?? Not me. Actually, I do. But I'm not telling.

It runs from Thursday July 30th to Sunday August 2nd, in Orlando, Florida, in the US of A, the U of SA, the U of the S of the A. Details are here, you can get tickets and stuff there too, and admire my massive, white face from afar. BIG WHITE FACE TRIVIA FACT: That face doesn't generate its own light, you know - it merely reflects the Sun's rays. And affects the tides. And is bigger than it looks.

I'm so excited to come back and see you all again, and all the clever, creative stuff you've been making. This convention in particular feels like I'm the audience, and YOU are all the special guests. So if you're going, I'll see you there. Stock up on coffee!