Wednesday, June 03, 2015

New DVD cover art for Tower Block

Tower Block has been out for a couple of years now, and the Powers That Be have decided to give it a fresh coat of paint and reissue the DVD and Blu-ray with a brand new cover. Bear in mind, it's exactly the same movie, same extras, etc etc, but if you collect things like this (as I do) or you haven't got a copy yet, you might want to grab it.

It's out on DVD and Blu-ray right now - the originals are still available to buy here and here. And if you own any version (except the US one, which has it included), you can download and listen to my free commentary for it here.

Here's the new cover art:

Compare that to the original cover art:

Hmm, it's almost as if one of the stars has suddenly become super famous... It makes total sense, as he's amazing in the movie (and in every movie) and this came out before Jack took over the world, so it's a chance to push the movie in front of people who might have missed it at the time.

Tower Block has had the most varied DVD covers of anything I've written now. Here's the Dutch version:

The Danish version:

The Australian version:

And the *spoilery* but really cool version from Japan (don't look too closely if you haven't seen the movie yet):

UPDATE! Here's a great webpage with several Tower Block covers from around the world, several of which I hadn't seen.

If you've seen any other versions where you live, please let me know on Twitter or email, I'd love to see them. Bonus points if it's in a shop and you take a photo.